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Shahin and Shahin Co. has over 27 years of international experience in organizing and managing all types of events. This means that when you attend one of our events you are getting only the top quality, outstanding achievements and a professional team that is able to create, produce and implement your event, which makes it a memorable one.


Organizing and managing an event could be time consuming and expensive if it is not your core capability, especially with all the event management companies in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect partner for your event.


This is where we come in, where you can find professional event organizing along with confident, creative and a qualified team and an outstanding ability to face challenges, thus, distinctive events will be as a result with us.


We are a team who believes that combining between academic achievements and passion characters with professional standards will lead to satisfactory conclusions that makes you feel belong, remember and return back to plan with us your next event.


Our team passion and indulgence is the driving force that always keeps us achieving best results which we pride to be added to our long list of references.

Why Shahin & Shahin

Businesses face many challenges nowadays. Dynamic markets and the increasing of the competition require a company to stay one step ahead if they want to succeed; therefore, we are able to prepare you for these challenges by giving you the advantages you need, providing you with the latest industry knowledge and business information which allows you and your team to keep ahead of your event.

Why Trust Shahin & Shahin?

  • Great Internal Communications

  • Proactive and Quick Response to Requirements

  • Total Team Cohesion

  • Preferential Rates from Trusted Suppliers

  • Support of a Global Team at a Local Level

  • No Additional Agency Cost

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