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Conferences have traditionally provided opportunities for networking, socialising and hearing the latest management speak. But they have rarely been exploited to their full potential as a forum for creative problem solving and for mobilising delegates into meaningful action. Shahin & Shahin will give advice and assistance on how to achieve this. The stage setting for any conference is critical to the reception of the message. Set design, lighting, quality of sound and projection all contribute to communication.

Our very skilled staff carefully provides for all phases of a conference, such as planning, preparation and management. Our knowledge, based on years of experience in the field of events management, allows us to use the resources at our disposal in the best way possible to obtain successful results for our Clients.

A strong engagement in public relations, marketing and promotion (contacting newspapers and journalists, preparing and sending press releases, organising press conferences, creating web sites, designing and producing brochures, fliers and posters) is mandatory for attracting and keeping participants and guaranteeing the success of the event.

Formulation of a budget, management of all preparations, multilingual assistance, translations, technical and audio-visual support are some of the services that we supply to meet in an efficient way all types of requirements.

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