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DJ Alex Tribe


With more than 2 years experience and bright professional appearances, 

DJ Alex Tribe  (otherwise known as Alex Saimoor) has become one of the go- to Artist for all types of events around the world .

Dubai based DJ, performer, musician from Ukraine. 

Combining DJ set with the live vocals. Improvising and performing live. 

Bright representative of the worldwide electronic music stage. Moving towards the sound that creates feelings.


As a DJ started her career 2 years ago, but her wide vision, versatile playlist allow her to play in such a different music genres like house, progressive, Afro house, minimal, EDM, techno, funk.

Over the last couple of years touring all over Saudi Arabia, Turkey, OAE. Performing indoor and outdoor. She is always improving her style along the way to make it unique and magical.


Genres: electronic, progressive, tech-house, deep-house, Afro-house, organic, funk.

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Video Demo

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