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Goji Mary is a DJ who connected her life with music as a child. Due to

the fact that she has been professionally engaged in dancing for a

long time, her sense of rhythm and hearing have been honed to

perfection. She started her career in electronic music after

graduating from the professional djing school "Dj Groove Audio

School". Refined musical taste and careful work with the compilation

allow Goji Mary to gain the trust of listeners around the world



She took part as the main artist in the New Year's holiday Pondy Marina, which was held at a venue accommodating


20 thousand people. She also worked with several clubs in Pondicherry, India and others.



Behind her back, she already has a lot of experience performing at


many well-known venues in the party world:


Events in Balchug (Moscow) Secret Cave (Mumbai) Aquila (Delhi)

Caza Danza (Delhi) Chevron (Delhi) Raise the bar (Delhi)

Chazzale (Goa) House of Chapora (Goa) Raeeth (Goa)


Video Demo

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