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Romy azzi

Romy azzi, Lebanese, Singer at heart, Guitarist and Dancer.

Her multi-skilled talents made her become a true charismatic performer on stage, who captivates the audience with an emotional

and powerful voice. She began to learn music at a young age and followed her passion. Romy started singing live at age of 16.

Today, she performs in Lebanon and the middle east. She sings solo, acoustic and with bands, in live events, restaurants, pubs, hotels  and weddings with a variety of genres and languages (English, French, Arabic, Greek, Spanish, Italian…)

Music, performance and stage remain the number one priority in her life and the positive energy that she presents will sure help her achieve her goals and dreams.




-Bachelor degree in Filmmaking and directing at College Notre Dame de Louaizé in Lebanon.

-Studied in private music schools (music theory, guitar, vocal lessons and piano) such as Doremi music school , NDU music school and Rocknbach with a vocal certificate from Trinity College of London.

-Took dancing classes from Latino to feminine vibes and jazz at several dance schools in Lebanon.


Work experience


-Performing in Lebanon since 2014 till present, in several pubs, restaurants, events & weddings,

at special locations such as Casino du Liban, Lancaster hotel, Grand Hills hotel, Smallville Hotel, ABC mall, Le Mall… etc.   

-Performed solo instrumental, with guitar, duets, choirs, live bands, and dancers.

-Took lead roles in several musical plays (live singing, dancing and acting) with Lebanese Act Production such as remake of Cell block tango from Chicago, Hairspray and Christmas plays as well.

-Took part in the salsa dance show at Lebanon Latin Festival in Edde Sands.

-Was the lead vocalist of the Lebanese band Gravity.


Performing Internationally since October 2021 till present.(5 star Hotels and events)

-Contract at Royal hotel in Amman singing with live band daily and performing a live singing/dancing show with dancers at Silk Lounge.

- Opening performance of Lebanese Star Assi Hallani in Royal hotel Amman on New Year's eve 2022

-Special events in Intercontinental Hotel Amman (Spanish night, French night, Valentine's night..)

-Contract with Intercontinental Amman.


-Currently Resident Singer at Intercontinental Aqaba


-Guitar teacher for kids, for more than 3 years in DoReMi music school and private lessons.

-Dance teacher for kids in Summer Camps for 4 years.

-Vocal and dance teacher at WellSpring school for 2 years.


Other than music , Romy also works as a video editor and is into directing, acting and filming


Videos Demo

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